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A premium lager that has all the iconic flavour and gentle bitterness of a high quality Czech pilsner, but is unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing. This pale gold pilsner hits the senses with light fresh malt sweetness on the palate, quickly cleared with a balanced light hop that lingers long enough to invite the next mouthful.

Appearance – Pale, gold

Aroma – Sweet hints of malt and hop spice

Taste – Light Sweetness, hint of caramel

Mouth Feel – Medium, light, fresh

Finish – Balanced finish, with light lingering hop

wolf ipa.png

Wolf rock pays homage to both the old and new world IPA’s using US hops to give the wonderful aromas and bitterness you’d expect from a new world IPA but complemented with delicious malty notes from speciality British malts typical of the original British IPA style.

Appearance – Amber red, clear, white foamy head

Aroma – Ripe fruit, roast malt, spicy

Taste – Full ripe sweetness, citrus

Mouth Feel – Full bodied

Finish – Roasted, berry fruit

bllue moon.png

Crafted with Valencia orange peel and wheat for a subtle sweetness and a smooth, creamy finish. Blue Moon’s unique “serve with a slice of orange” brings out the subtle flavour and creates a real point of difference; it isn’t just a nice to have.

Appearance – The beer appears cloudy because it’s unfiltered for more depth of flavour

Aroma – Zesty orange fruitiness with a light, spicy, wheat aroma

Taste – Crisp and tangy. The Valencia orange peel gives a subtle sweetness

Mouth Feel – The oats give the beer a nice, creamy body, so it’s not too thin

Finish – Slow finish of coriander and orange spiciness


Named after the infamous sandbank on Cornwall’s Atlantic coast, Doom Bar has a distinctive aroma and balanced moreish flavour. These qualities have underpinned its rapid growth to become the UK’s No.1 cask ale.

Appearance – Amber, clear

Aroma – Spicy resinous hop, sweet roasted malts

Taste – Balanced, succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malts

Mouth Feel – Medium-bodied

Finish – Moreish, subtle bitterness


Grolsch has 4 centuries of brewing tradition, using “double hopping” to create big bold bitter flavours and aromas in its beer.

Appearance – Straw, clear, mid-carbonation

Aroma – Big and Hoppy

Taste – Zesty hoppy bitterness, fruity sweetness

Mouth Feel – Easy drinking

Finish – Lingering zingy dry finish


nspired by the history Bohemian Pilsners, we wanted to create a uniquely clean and refreshing pilsner with the trademark Sharp’s balance and moreishness. Sharp’s Pilsner is fermented with genuine Czech yeast and lagered on a single bed of hops for at least 14 days, creating stunning zesty herbal notes and a delicious clean citrus flavour.

Appearance – Pale straw, clear, medium carbonation with white, foamy head.

Aroma – Tropical fruits, herbal lemon.

Taste – Citrus, crisp clean fruit

Mouth Feel – Easy drinking

Finish – Brisk, refreshingly dry citrus linger